Home Measurement Services

·         Home Measurements completed by certified appraisers

·         Home Measured per ANSI Standards (the standard required by Fannie Mae as of April 2022)

·         Inspection and home measures can be completed within 24 hours

·         Completed sketch emailed in pdf format ready for marketing use

·         Room dimensions available

·         Rush home measures available

·         Most home sketches and measures cost $150, (specialized quotes for larger homes)

​Call 256-536-8800 to set up an appointment

Home measurement services are completed by certified residential appraisers and measured per ANSI standards (the standard required by Fannie Mae as of April 2022). This service provides accurate gross living area and a floor plan that can be easily read and used by individuals or realtors. Accurate square footage is paramount when listing a home as it is directly correlated to the market value. Approximating square footage or using other sources can lead to later issues during a purchase transaction if the square footage is found to be incorrect.  Sketches and measures completed by a certified appraiser and per ANSI standard are the most accurate source for gross living area.